Weekend 3

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Tim writes:

All, we had a weekend of mixed fortunes on and off the board:

  • Oxford 1 beat Spirit of Atticus A 5-3 and lost an EPIC match to Barbican 1 3½-4½;
  • Oxford 2 lost ½-4½* and 1½-4½ to Anglian Avengers 2 & West Is Best 1;
  • Oxford 3 beat Barnet Knights 3 2½-2* & Barnet Knights 2 3½-2*.

* default-related scorelines

The standout performance of the weekend was undoubtedly the third team’s Saturday victory: starting 3½ points down in a 4-board match, Sean L, Kelly, Sam and Ross despatched their oppo 4-0 to steal the win by half-a-point. The latter three then contributed further wins along with debutant Tamal to beat BK’s second string as well. Skip predicts Ox3 v BK1 in round 7, so the thirds can look forward to completing the hat-trick!

The seconds expected very little and got nothing better than Graham’s flat tyre, Hendrik’s delayed train and two hammerings. Credit to Oscar who scored our only win and to Mike T, who drew with WiB’s speedy IM [Mike: “I achieved my aim of having time to get water & walk around while he was on move”!]. Our reporter had a 121-move marathon on Saturday to rival what was to come in Ox1 on Sunday. We look forward to a move-by-move analysis on this page in due course.

Ox1 survived a hairy must-win match against SoA: skip thought we might lose it, especially after he spectacularly blew his great position. Fortunately the rest of the team were on hand to save us: Francesca extended her winning run to 4/4 when her oppo handed over his queen, Marcus blew away Nick Ivell in terrific style and David Z won an extremely complex game. Hans rounded off the match win by defeating Glenn House [who SoA really should have played on board 3 so as to try and meet David M … House-Martins, geddit?].

Sunday’s saga v high-flying Barbican 1 was surely the most enthralling match of the whole 4NCL to date. At the 3pm time control 4 hours in, the score was 0-0 and none of the games looked like finishing. While we were still at 0-0, Cheddleton completed their match against Guildford 2. 5½ hours in, the score had inched to 1-1. By the time the match finally finished at around 5:10, 518 moves had been played on the eight boards. We suspect we could have won, but then we did receive as much as we gave away. David Z bagged his second win of the weekend from a much-worse position and Zoe improved our board 8 score to 5/6 for the season — have we had such a good board 8 record since the days of Sophie Tidman?

Div 1 Status
Oxford 1 are in a Championship Pool position … for now. We are a point ahead of Guildford 2 and 3Cs 1. The equation is: if we beat Wood Green in R7, hello, Championship Pool. WG will be motivated to win for that reason — they will not want to carry forward a loss. Otherwise, we enter the Relegation Pool as Guildford 2 will defeat Spirit of Atticus A. Because 3Cs are unlikely to score 1½ points more than GUI 2 when they meet Barbican 1, we carry forward the maximum possible six points having won the “right” matches — Div 1 safety is therefore almost assured.

Div 3s Status
Oxford 2 are in the Relegation Pool, currently on 2 points. We start that Pool in R7 against the Welsh team — if we defeat them, we take 4 points into the Pool and will need ~4 more points to stay in the division.

Sean T had already far outlasted all eight Ox1 Sun players by going 121 moves, 6½ hours on Sat! He got his draw after MUCH suffering :)
Ox1 Sat players may be interested in the Spirit of Atticus A report on the 4NCL website.

Oxford 1


Spirit of Atticus A 2223 Oxford 1 2249
w Lund, D Brett 2286 ½ - ½ Tan, Justin i 2440
b Quillan, Gary i 2320 0 - 1 Zakarian, David f 2382
w Ivell, Nicholas W 2258 0 - 1 Harvey, Marcus R f 2324
b Carleton, John J 2285 ½ - ½ Claridge-Hansen, William f 2294
w House, Glenn L f 2215 0 - 1 Hansen, Hans-Peter 2250
b Mitchell, Martin 2175 1 - 0 Handley, Michael R 2222
w Jackson, Sheila wg 2144 1 - 0 Dickinson, Tim R 2108
b Robertson, David J 2102 0 - 1 Matta, Francesca 1975
3 - 5

Top board saw Justin escape from a right little mess in the run-in to the time control — a guest contribution (“JT”) to let us know more would be fun … :

Lund – Tan (W)
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016

31.Qxe3 [31.Bb6 Bd3 32.Qxe3 Bxf1 when 33.Re8 is decisive, but hard to see. 31...Nc4 32.Qd4 Bd3 33.Re7 Qg6 34.Rf6 Nd2 35.Rxg6 [35.Qe5 mates quickly enough] 35...Nf3+ 36.Kg2 Nxd4 37.Bxd4 Bxg6 drat, those backward capturing moves 38.c4 Bd3 39.Be5 Rd7 40.Re8+ Rd8 41.Re7


On board 2, a game which illustrates a Knight’s wanderlust – or, since those beasts of burden aren’t quite that linear, let’s call it the Game the Knight Went on Walkabout, in search of initiative. And insisted on doing so via via drop-off visits at the Oasis of d5. We join the game as the Knight is headed once more for its central haven:

Zakarian – Quillan
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016

22.Nd5 Qd8 23.Re1 0–0 24.Nf4 d5 25.Nxh5 g6 26.Nf4 Qf6 27.Re5 Bd7 28.h4 Nd6 29.Qd3 Bb5 30.Qb1 Bc6 31.Qb4 Nf5 32.Rae1 Nxh4 33.Qd2 Nf5 34.g4 Nd6 35.Nh5 gxh5 36.Rg5+ Kh8 37.Rxh5+ Kg8 38.Rg5+ Kh8 39.Re3 Qh6 40.Rh3 Qxh3 41.Bxh3 f6 42.Rh5+ Kg7 43.Qh6+ Kf7 44.g5 Ne4 45.Qh7+ Ke8 46.g6 1–0

On the next board, Marcus got his improvement in before White could unfurl his … The diagram, white to move, should read “What happens if Qxd5?”. White took this speculation one step too far, into the record books called the match score. A costly decision:

Ivell – Harvey
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016

14.Qxd5 Nb4 15.Qe4 Bd7 and the Black pieces dominate the empty square ocean that are floating the central squares. 16.c3 Rfe8 17.Qg4 Rxe2 18.cxb4 Qxb4 19.Qxb4 axb4 20.Bg5 Rxb2 21.Nbd4 Nxd4 22.Nxd4 Bc5 23.Be3 Rxa4 24.Rxa4 Bxa4 25.Ra1 f6 26.Bc1 Rxf2 27.Be3 Rd2 0–1

We move to the news from the House of Hansen. On Board 4, Black is doing better, even if White’s last move (Qd3) contains a threat of a discovery on the Black king. This doesn’t really have any threat qualities, but it’s move 39, and twitching happens around now, even in Div 1:

Claridge-Hansen,W – Carleton (B)
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016

39. … Ne5? [39...Na5 40.e5+ f5 secures the b-pawn] 40.Bxe5 Qxe5 41.Qc4 Qb8 ½–½

On an adjoining board, Hans-Peter finds a killing combo to convert just before time control:

House - Hansen,H-P (B)
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016

35. … Ne2+ 36.Rxe2 Qb5 37.Bg5 Qxa4 38.Be7 Rf7 39.Bxd6 Qd1+ 0–1

Michael’s debut saw him achieve a solid position with a slight plus, but missed a tactic in this position:

Handley - Mitchell
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016
24.Ne2? Bxh3 ouch 25.Ng3 Nxg3 26.fxg3 Bf5 and this swung the Fritzometer towards Black (0-1, 64).

Tim was doing well enough until he allowed, and was shown, a cool tactic:

Jackson, S – Dickinson (B)
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016

26.cxb3 Rc6? 27.Nc3 (ouch) g5 27...Rxc3; 27...Rxc3 28.Ra8+ Bf8 29.e7 28.Nxe2 Rxe6 29.Nd4 1–0

And to complete this cornucopia of Blunderama™ we visit Francesca on board 8:

Matta,F - Robertson
4NCL Division 1a, 13.02.2016
18.Qc2 f6?? 19.Bh7+ 1–0


Oxford 1 2270 Barbican 4NCL 1 2331
w Tan, Justin i 2440 ½ - ½ Turner, Matthew J g 2502
b Zakarian, David f 2382 1 - 0 Griffiths, Ryan Rhys f 2359
w Martins, David Pires Tavares f 2407 ½ - ½ Merry, Alan B f 2380
b Claridge-Hansen, William f 2294 ½ - ½ Sanders, Isaac B f 2351
w Harvey, Marcus R f 2324 0 - 1 Jackson, James P f 2355
b Aguiar, Henrique Rui Neves 2198 0 - 1 Cox, John J i 2348
w Dickinson, Tim R 2108 0 - 1 Franklin, Samuel G A f 2303
b Varney, Zoe 2012 1 - 0 Regan, Natasha K wi 2057
3½ - 4½

There’s a heady whiff of FIDE on the top boards this season, and today is no exception:

Tan – Turner (B)
4NCL Division 1a, 14.02.2016

It’s looking a bit equal down there, but followers of the Turner School over the years are used to appearances being deceptive: 17. … Bxa3 18.bxa3 Rxc3 19.Bxc3 Fritz goes for the cool 19.e3 Ne2+ 20.Kh2 Rc2 21.Bb4+ Kd7 22.e4 Nd4. It’s certainly a way of changing the dynamic to 2B v 2N] 19...Nxe2+ 20.Kh2 Nxc3 21.Ra1 Nd7 22.Rfc1 d4 23.Rc2 Nc5 24.Rb2 b5 25.Bf1 Ra5 26.Rb4 g5 27.h4 Black misses ... Na6; 28. Rxd4 b4 on this or the next few moves) 27...gxh4 28.gxh4 g5 29.hxg5 hxg5 30.Re1 and now things are back in the balance, and Black has to simplify a little) 30...Ra4 31.Re5 Nd5 32.Rxb5 Kd6 33.Rxg5 Rxa3 34.Rg4 Nxd3 35.Rxd4 Nxf2 36.Rb2 Ke5 37.Rxd5+ exd5 38.Rxf2 Rb3 39.Re2+ Kd6 40.Rd2 Kc5 41.Rc2+ Kd4 42.Rd2+ Kc5 43.Rc2+ Kd4 44.Bg2 b5 45.Rd2+ Kc3 46.Rxd5 b4 47.Rc5+ Kd4 48.Rd5+ Kc3 49.Rc5+ Kd4 50.Rd5+ ½–½

DZ performs to the max yet again… White holds a plus of sorts for long periods here but in a strategic fashion. The closed position means a longer drawn out attempt to increase the advantage. +1 about now. If you play through the game it’s played at a push-shove snail’s pace as each side looks to seek or defend against the strategic threats. By the time we reach the diagram position, well into the twilight zone called move 56, White is clearly better, and DZ’s 55. … c6 was a way of bringing his bishop to bear. It mightn’t work but the idea of giving the Bishop some last gasp breathing in the centre board before dying is a good call, and works splendidly.

Griffiths - Zakarian
4NCL Division 1a, 14.02.2016

56.Qb4 [Fritz suggests 56.Qa6 ] 56...Qg2+ 57.Kd3 Qf1+ [more accurate could be 57...Qxf3+ 58.Ne3 c5 59.Qc3 Bc7 60.a4 Ba5 61.Qxa5 c4+ 62.Kxc4 (62.Kd2 Qf2+) ] 58.Kc2 Qe2+ 59.Kc1 c5 60.Qb2 Qc4+ 61.Kb1 Qd3+ 62.Kc1 Bb6 63.a4 c4 64.Qc3??? Be3+ 65.Kb2 Bd4 0–1

The rest of the games were endings of a sort, where one side or another looked to make a pawn or so count, and where the oppo managed to get results: For example, a quick look at Martins-Merry shows a plus pawn in the Oxford ledger:

Martins – Merry (W)
4NCL Division 1a, 14.02.2016

29.Ne4+ Ke7 30.h3 h6 31.Kf2 Nd7 32.Bb7 Nb8 33.Kf3 Kd8 34.Kg4 Bh2 …

But this ends up ½–½, 66.

And William CH is also a pawn up after an impressive hunting down of a pawn with a tripled major pieces on the c-, then d-files.

Sanders - Claridge-Hansen,W (B)
4NCL Division 1a, 14.02.2016

Then again, he’s not got the initiative, so his king end up going for a walk:

41…. Qd4 42.Qc8+ Kg7 43.Ne8+ Kh6 44.Qc1+ Kh5 45.h4 Kg4 46.Nf6+ Kf3 47.Qc6+ Ke2 48.Qc2+ Ke1 49.Ne4 Qd1 50.Qc3+ Ke2+ 51.Kg2 Qf1+ 52.Kh2 Qd1 53.Kg2 Qf1+ ½–½

So, two games, and each ends up a pawn to the good, a draw in the end. Henrique is not so lucky. He needs to play … f6, but instead allows it:

Cox – Aguiar (B)
4NCL Division 1a, 14.02.2016

56… Rc5? 57.f6+ Kf8 [57...Kxf6 58.e5+ Rxe5 59.Rxc6+ Re6 is winning as long as White doesn't exchange rooks] 58.Rb8+ Be8 59.e5 Rc4+ 60.Kf5 Rc5 61.Be4 Rc4 62.Bd5 Rc5 63.Bf3 Rc3 64.Be2 Rc5 65.Ke4 otherwise Bb5 will be fatal - although White now pursues that particular objective successfully: 65...Ra5 66.Kd4 Ra4+ 67.Kd5 Ra2 68.Bb5 Ra5 69.Rxe8# 1–0

And Zoe converted after winning an exchange when Natasha’s rook headed prematurely to a hack on the h-file:

Regan, N - Varney,Z (W)
4NCL Division 1a, 14.02.2016
15.Rh5 e5 16.Nd2 Nf6 17.Rh4 g5 18.Rh6 Bf8 ah. (0-1, 48)

But not until Zoe had to withstand a kitchen sink attack that sent her king to a7, lost all but one of her remaining pawns, but otherwise remained a rook up.

This left Marcus as last man standing and this was the position after 38 to internet or chess24 viewers – an earlier piece sac went wrong, so White set out to defend this. By the time it had reached move 60 it was the last game of the match which was all square…

Harvey – Jackson
4NCL Division 1a, 14.02.2016

The inevitable 0-1 followed in another 22 moves.

Oxford 2


Anglian Avengers 2 2001 Oxford 2 1902
w Scott, Gordon W 2163 1 - 0 Cole, James 1975
b Myall, Ivan J 2087 1 - d Brackmann, Hendrik 2030
w Wallis, Ian J 2125 ½ - ½ Terry, Sean 1908
b Peck, Silas 1902 1 - 0 Neatherway, A Philip 1837
w Burnett, Leon P 1952 1 - 0 Cole, Graham 1825
b Sheerin, Alex 1780 0 - 1 Idle, Oscar 1840
4½ - ½

On top board, James found him knights in a tangle after an unusual (if effective) Bd2 in the Grunfeld, and it all ended quickly:

Scott - Cole,J
4NCL 3 Telford, 13.02.2016
14.Qd2 c6 15.Rc1 Nd7 16.Nb1 1–0

Board 2 went adrift as the trains from London weren’t working – more specifically, the electrics after Birmingham were playing up all weekend. On board 3, I got to play Ian Wallis, one-time member of the Oxford City club, and as the first time control approached, I’m a pawn down but some chances of redemption. It’s Ian (W) to move, and he’s wondering (I now suppose) whether to exchange off minor pieces.

Wallis - Terry
Telford, 13.02.2016
38.Nb6 Rg8 39.Nd7+ Kc7 40.Nxe5 fxe5 41.Rd2 Rg3 …

and I began to feel a bit more comfortable in my seat… perhaps that’s as well as I had to sit there for another 80 moves before a 3-time repetition secured the handshake!

On board 4, Phil seemed to have struggled out of an initial bind, but things were about to get a little warm again:

Neatherway - Peck
4NCL 3 Telford, 13.02.2016

21.Rhe1 looks natural but after Ne3 22.Rd2 Nd5 23.Rxe8 Rxe8 it’s hard to find a square for the queen: 24.Re2 24.Qc4 Re1+ 25.Rd1 Rxd1+ 26.Kxd1 Ne3+ 24...Rxe2 25.Qc4 Re1+ 26.Kd2 Rd1+ a final ouch before 0–1

A one-move blunder accounted for the result on board 5, while on board 6 Oscar rescued the dignity of the Oxford ensemble with a solid performance on the white side of a closed French.

Idle - Sheerin
4NCL 3 Telford, 13.02.2016

23.Qxd3 g5 this looks like it’s overlooking 24.Bxd6 Qf6 but perhaps 24...cxd6 25.Rxf5 Rxf5 26.Qxf5 Qe3+ 27.Kg2 Qxc1 28.Qe6+ is playable. Black wins a piece but White can win most of the remaining pawns. Missing this, White’s advantage is clear. 25.Rxf5 Qxf5 26.Qxf5 Rxf5 27.Bxc7 Bxb2 28.Rf1 Bd4+ 29.Kg2 Rxf1 30.Kxf1 Kf7 31.Bxa5 Bc5 32.Kg2 b6 33.Bc3 Kg6 34.Kf3 Kf7 35.Ke4 Ke7 36.Bd4 Bb4 37.Bxb6 Kd7 38.c5 Bc3 39.a4 Be1 40.a5 Bf2 41.a6 Kc8 42.d6 Bg1 43.a7 1–0


Oxford 2 1906 West is Best 1 2053
w Truran, Michael C 2117 ½ - ½ Rudd, Jack i 2257
b Brackmann, Hendrik 2030 ½ - ½ Edgell, Ben P 2135
w Terry, Sean 1908 ½ - ½ Littlejohns, David P 2000
b Idle, Oscar 1840 0 - 1 Bullen, Alex 2016
w Neatherway, A Philip 1837 0 - 1 Taylor, William J 1966
b Biswas, Karl 1709 0 - 1 Hassall, Mark I 1945
1½ - 4½

Truran,N – Rudd (W)
4NCL 3 Telford, 14.02.2016

Passing this board at this juncture, I felt a rare scrap was possible … look at the h-pawn, those open files … however, it was a Sunday and you don’t mess unthinkingly with Jack, so 25.Bc3 Rae8 26.Bxe5 Rxe5 27.Rg3+ ½–½

On board 2, Henrik seemed to be clearly winning when his opponent blundered a piece:

Edgell – Brackmann (W)
4NCL 3 Telford, 14.02.2016
18.Rad1 Qxc3 19.Qxc3 Ne2+ 20.Kh2 Nxc3 …

But White put his creative thinking hat on, and a fascinating struggle by two sides unable to concede victory, or defeat, ended in a draw on move 65.

Having escaped the rook and pawn endgame of Doom on Saturday, I found myself in a double-rook and pawn today. This proved just as precarious, and when rooks came off I found a way to this position, with the firm intention of play f4 , with complications.

Terry,Sean - Littlejohns
4NCL 3 Telford, 14.02.2016

It seemed like this would leave to a straight run between the pawns on either side, each badly aided by the respective rooks, but that was part of the deal. But … I decided to hedge bets here and ‘finessed’ – or chickened out – with 44.b5 Rxc4 45.a5 cxb5 46.axb6 axb6 47.Rxb5 Rc6 48.f4 gxf4 49.Kf3 Rc3+ 50.Kxf4 Rxh3 ½–½

Phil completed a miserable weekend at the board for his queen

Neatherway - Taylor
4NCL 3 Telford, 14.02.2016
17.Kg2 Bxf3+ 18.Qxf3 Bxe1 0–1

As the rook is lost, but if 17.Bd2 Bxd2 18.N1xd2 Nhf4 19.gxf4 Nxf4 20.Qf1 Bh3 snares the queen…

While Karl got another ‘interesting’ rook ending on the board to entertain the dwindling chess player populace:

Hassall - Biswas
4NCL 3 Telford, 14.02.2016

44.Rb6 Kg8 45.f4 Kf7 46.Kf2 Rc7 47.g4 Ke7 48.g5 Kf7 49.Kf3 Ke7 50.Ke4 Rd7 51.f5 Kf7 52.g4 Ke7 53.g6 Kf8 54.g5 Rd1 55.Rxb7 Re1+ 56.Kd5 Rg1 57.Ke6 Re1+ 58.Kd7 Rd1+ 59.Kc8 Rg1 60.Rf7+ Kg8 61.Kd8 Ra1 62.Rc7 Kf8 63.f6 1–0

Oxford 3


Oxford 3 1591 Barnet Knights 3 1333
w Lim, Wei Xinq Sean 1740 1 - 0 Balouka-Myers, Raphael 1457
b Riley, Adrian K 1595 1 - 0 Balouka-Myers, Toby 1465
w Bentham, Sam 1645 1 - 0 Shaw, Oliver 1307
b Tselos, Ross 1387 1 - 0 Krikler, George 1352
w d - 1 Sezer, Steve 1337
b d - 1 Krikler, Alex 1082
2½ - 2

A 4-man push to victory:

Lim - Balouka-Myers,Raphael
4NCL Division 4 Telford, 13.02.2016

20.Nxd5 Nxb3 21.Nxc7 Nxd4 [21...Kxc7] 22.Nxe6+ Nxe6 23.Rxb7 g5 24.Rd1+ taking immediate advantage 24...Kc8 25.Rxe7 g4 26.Nh4 f4 27.Nf5 Rf8 28.Rdd7 f6 29.Nd6+ Kb8 30.Rb7+ Ka8 31.Ra7+ Kb8 32.Reb7# 1–0

Ross won a Rook and Pawn ending by the simple expedient of seeing it reduced to to a king-and-pawn ending (nice).

Tamal marked his debut with some stylish moves and a comprehensive win:

Atalla – Matilal (B)
4NCL Division 4 Telford, 14.02.2016

19…. Rxc3 20.Rf3 Rc1 21.Bf1 Rxd1 22.Rxe3 Rxf1+ 23.Kg2 Rxb1 24.Rc3 Nxd5 25.Rd3 Nf6 26.Rc3 Nd5 27.Rd3 Nb6 28.b4 Rc8 29.Rf2 Rbc1 30.Rf1 R8c2+ 31.Rf2 Rxf2+ 32.Kxf2 Rc2+ 33.Kg1 d5 34.Re3 f6 35.Kh1 Ra2 36.Rc3 Nc4 37.Rd3 d4 38.b5 Rxa3 39.Rd1 axb5 40.Rb1 b4 41.Kg2 Ne3+ 42.Kf2 Ng4+ 43.Kg2 Ra2+ 44.Kh3 f5 45.Rf1 Rxh2# 0–1

And Kelly makes at B+P ending look easy:

Balouka-Myers,T - Riley
4NCL Division 4 Telford, 13.02.2016

Black may be able to get an advantage by pushing the e-pawn, but Kelly is attracted to a bit of pawn nibbling. 33. … a5 34.bxa5 Bxc5 35.Bb4 e4+ 36.fxe4+ fxe4+ 37.Kc3 Bg1 38.h3 c5 39.Bxc5 Kxc5 and 0-1, 58.

Ross gave great pleasure with this mating attack, which need the help of a mistake on move 1 by his opponent:

Krikler – Tselos (B)
4NCL Division 4 Telford, 13.02.2016

15. … d4 16.Ne2 Rxg2+ 17.Kh1 Qd6 18.Ng3 Rxg3+ 19.f3 Rh3 20.Rf2 dxe3 21.Qf1 Bxf3+ 22.Rg2 Qxh2# 0–1


Barnet Knights 2 1650 Oxford 3 1562
w Karia, Kamlesh 1637 1 - 0 Gentry, Alan E 1773
b Balouka Myers, Reuben 1667 0 - 1 Riley, Adrian K 1595
w Willmoth, Harrison 1667 0 - 1 Bentham, Sam 1645
b Karia, Devin 1712 0 - 1 Tselos, Ross 1387
w Atalla, George 1615 0 - 1 Matilal, Tamal 1412
b Hung, Dylan 1607 1 - d
2 - 3½

A stirring win for the 5 men sitting, with scarcely a dull moment, in victory or defeat:

Karia - Gentry
4NCL Division 4 Telford, 14.02.2016
18.h3 gxh5 [18...gxh3] 19.Qg5 ouch, a natural enough move which loses in surprising fashion Ng6 20.Qxh5+ 1–0

Nothing better than the sight of Kelly taking the bit and putting it between the teeth:

Riley - Balouka Myers (W)
4NCL Division 4 Telford, 14.02.2016

25.e4 Qxe5 26.exd5 c5 Fritz, consulted quickly as we headed to publication, suggested 26...Rxf6 27.dxc6+ Kc8 28.cxb7+ Kb8 was “equals” 27.d6 Rh7 28.d7 Qxb2 29.Rb1 Rxf6 30.Qd5 Qc2 31.Rxb7 Rd6 32.Qg8+ Ke7 33.Re1+ Kf6 34.d8Q+ Rxd8 35.Qxh7 Qxa2 36.Qe7+ Kg6 37.Qxd8 Qa3 38.Qe8+ Kf5 39.Qe6+ Kf4 40.Rf7# 1–0

Although Sam’s position (Black, to move) seems imposing, the pawn rush on the king side has ended and the question is now the oppo can use the ceasefire to come up with some diversions elsewhere. Unfortunately though for White he gets spooked by the menace of the next knight manoeuvre:

Willmoth – Bentham (B)
4NCL Division 4 Telford), 14.02.2016

32…. Ne6 33.h3 something like 33.Rb1 Ng5 34.Kf1 Nh3 35.Rd2 might be workable 33...Ng5 34.h4 Nh3+ 35.Kh2 Nxf2 36.Rxf2 Nf6 37.Nde3 b5 38.Nd5 Nxd5 39.exd5 bxc4 40.dxc4 Rb7 41.Na1 Rfb8 42.b3 e4 43.Rc2 e3 44.Kg1 e2 45.Rc1 Re7 46.Re1 Re3 47.Kf2 Rbe8 48.b4 Rxa3 49.bxc5 dxc5 50.Nc2 Rc3 0–1

28 April 2016