Disinformator™ 43

With snow, high winds and 4NCL reports promised for the early New Year, this left some time to clear the dusty keyboards at Disinformator HQ, shove everything to hand into a document, and so launch the Christmas 2014 edition of the magazine...


Archive of past issues

disinformator 42
#42: March 2013
Further snow and the appearance of some grey smoke over the Iffley skyline might indicate it’s still winter and the election of a new Pope — but veterans of the chess scene can only fear the worst, viz. another version of the Disinformator saga. Alas, for it is so, some hastily compiled words and diagrams breaking into a 15-month silence on Oxford-related chess themes. Editorial disputations as to which cover was the better has resulted in a topsy-turvy publication finish which sum up the zeitgeist of the age, or alternatively suggests the editor needs a long break in a darkened room.
disinformator 41
#41: December 2010
For those of you unable to make it the Cowley Blitz on Monday 19 December or are just too unconcerned about the fate and future of world chess to order your own copy, here's the next instalment in the Disinformator series. Written while the live commentary on McShane – Kramnik was in full flow in Round 8, the editorial board decided to provide all 201 games considered and to pack the pages with photos, diagrams, blunderama and the occasional directional arrow. Next year we may have to write this mag in November, and hope that Santa doesn't mind.
disinformator 40
#40: December 2010
In which we review the triumphal season that was City 1 in 2009-10, the arrival of Witney 1 as a force onto the 2010-11 arena, the arrival of and departures of GMs and other rated talents on the Oxford scene, some usual and not-so-usual blunderama™, and the not-to-be-missed tournament review index which will have some of you snoring peacefully long before the middle-game tension resolves itself ... while forgetting to refer the plight of the remaining white knight in Rajangam-Lang (below) to any of the OCA, the RSPCC and our loyal and eclectic readership.
disinformator 39
#39: December 2009
The 39th step in the Disinformator journey sees coverage of major events such as London (December), Vienna (August), and the Staunton tournament in London - all of which sets the reader up nicely for a review of the first part of the pre-Christmas panto that is the Oxford District chess leagues, and its scope for drama, Kellyrama, and (of course) blunderama.